Thousands of sources

Alone in Europe. And you have exactly those to choose from, you trust. Either they are already in the system, or we'll add them for you. Choose up to 5 sources to update you as a priority. And follow all the other sources on topics that interest you.

Million articles

And every second countless new ones are added. You will find exactly those articles that interest you or concern you. And you do not even have to look for them. Follow the topics that are relevant to you and stay up to date.

Free or "1 Subscription For All"

Eliminate paywalls and other annoying barriers in different platforms. You get access to everything you want in just one system. With our free version, you have access to content that publishers provide for free, and you can use all our features in a system that is learning. In the premium version, you read the content of our partner publishers (free content and partly paid content) directly in the system and pay a fixed flat rate for many familiar sources that you can integrate into your timeline. In additional subscriptions, you can add premium content from special sources. Sources get cash for your clicks and views through a revenue share with Newsadoo. This is how we create a functioning eco-system that provides publishers with a digital business model. And everything will be easier for you.

Different forms of output

iOS or Android App, Alexa Skill, Desktop Version, Mobile Version, or even more innovative forms? With Newsadoo you consume news platform independent and across with one login in all channels. The output forms are constantly being expanded and improved. So you can update yourself anytime, anywhere, the way you want it. The different forms of output communicate with each other, they all fall back on the same core. That way, the system can learn from your habits and provide you with better and better service.

Beautiful design

Things should not just work. They should also be beautiful, intuitive, time-saving. Maybe a bit of an experience. Entertainment. We try all this. To be able to consume news effortlessly and limitlessly. Reduced to the essentials. And yet inspiring and entertaining.


Not only experiencing what interests and concerns you, but also what moves other people is the core of a daily newspaper. To know what other people are reading. Unpersonalized. The most important current news from the sources you trust. So you do not miss anything.


Your selected sources provide you with the relevant news around the clock. In a timeline, you can see the most recent first, and scroll through it bit by bit. Posts that are of little relevance to you are automatically hidden. Posts that are especially important to you are prioritized. So we put together for you individually your news.

Individual Channels

The football club of the heart, the ski racer who is just about to win, the ex-politician sitting in the dock, the latest house building trends or the company you work for every day. There are so many topics, people or companies that you have a daily interest in. Keeping track of when and what is reported in which media has never been so easy. By means of artificial intelligence, the articles on these topics are compiled individually. And all you need to do is watch more in your channels.

Simple search

Just picked up something or just discovered the interest in a topic? Quickly entered a keyword and all articles from all sources on this topic are processed. And if the interest is not only unique, then you can create a permanent channel with just one click from the search result.


Stumbled upon something exciting, but no time to take a closer look? Or maybe it is just not the right content on the smartphone, but at home on the tablet then the more appropriate? You can easily bookmark items and mark them for later viewing in the same format or in a different one, at leisure.


Recently read something somewhere. Something that you could use right now, or that you want to tell someone and send on. And no idea where that was again. It's easy. Everything you have clicked, you will find in chronological order in your history. So you only need a few seconds to find the content and share it with just one click.


Many sources, different perspectives. We not only show you what you want to hear, but also how others see things. Our intelligent algorithm combines articles from different sources, but at the same events, into a bundle. So you can get an overview with just a few clicks and form an opinion for yourself. And most of all, you do not get the same content multiple times from different sources, but only once from the source that you refer to most often on this topic.

Intelligent algorithms

Where creativity and quality are needed, while writing and researching, we need people whom we can trust. But where habits, behaviors, and individuality come into play, intelligent algorithms can do wonders and simplify our lives. Our algorithms find common ground, understand relationships, and deliver exactly what's relevant to you. You can train them by giving them more inputs that you would like to have. And you can count on them to help you broaden your horizons instead of narrowing thematically.

Learning system

Not the algorithm determines what you see. Your input, behaviors, searches, created channels, bookmarks, likes, and many more interactions drive the system to where it can deliver better and better results. We are guided by your wishes and your behavior. And like a personal employee of yours, we are constantly evolving and learning from it.


Data is necessary to deliver good results. The more comprehensive the data, the better the matching. And of course, data is also important to be able to distribute advertising targeted. It is completely unimportant who you are, who is behind this data. And this connection between data and people, which we encrypt. Through a special token system, data such as e-mail address, name, address or credit card data are completely decoupled from the behavioral and personality data. We are a European company and pursue European values. And we guarantee full anonymity despite learning algorithms and a large amount of collected data.

European. Diverse. Collaboratively.

In the medium term, Newsadoo will bring together numerous large and small media houses, which together preserve the independence and diversity of the European media landscape. We're reinventing the daily newspaper in a digital format that brings clear benefits to you and can be used in the premium version with only a small monthly contribution. These sales and revenues from targeted advertising continue to enable the European publishing community to independently and comprehensively publish and safeguard their business models.


Renowned media, bloggers, news portals. Everyone is part of Newsadoo, creating a place where information meets. In the medium term, you too can create content and make it available. If you are first at a place of action, or have taken a special snapshot, then you can publish this. Our algorithms assign content from audited official sources and additionally display your user content within the bundle.